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Activities, Vendors and Special Guests

So much to do. Here are some of the growing number of activities and special guests planned for OttoCon.

Scheduled Games

Find scheduled games here.

Special Guests and Vendors

Andrea Stanet – We look forward to welcoming back local author, Andrea Stanet, to OttoCon. Author of Umbra, a modern supernatural tale of Fey and other creatures that lurk outside the realm of mundane understanding. Andrea’s works can be found here.

Gnomeski Games – Come join Gnomeski Games for a playtest of their new game, The Gnome Game. Whacky and whimsical board game with garden gnome armies competing to steal lawn ornaments! Find more information on their website, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Mark Van Vlack – OttoCon is pleased to welcome back prolific game designer and game master extraordinaire, Mark Van Vlack. Designer of several indy TTRPGs, including Phase Abandon, Minimus Ludus, and Amazing Adventures, Incredible Exploits (AAIE), which he will be running again at OttoCon and is due to be released later in 2024.

Wayfinder Experiences – We welcome Wayfinder Experiences to OttoCon, a live-action role-playing company, based in Kingston, New York. They run summer camps, events, school programs and workshops for teens, children and adults. The centerpiece of their programs is the Adventure Game, a transformative experience that challenges players physically, mentally and emotionally, while immersing them in an exciting world of fantasy. Stop by their table for more information or check them out on their website here.

Play to Win Gaming

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be taking part in Double Exposure’s Envoy program. They are sending us several quick to play card games. Play the game, and be entered in for a chance to win and take home that game.

Game Library / Free Gaming

We will have several dedicated tables setup for free gaming, as well as a lending library of board games to play.